Adopt a Pastor Ministry

This ministry has helped a lot of pastors and missionaries. I am thankful to God for being among the brethren that have been greatly impacted by this ministry.

~ Jefferson Marcio M. Oliveira - Brazil

The Adopt a Pastor Ministry (AAP) was created with the purpose of equipping and encouraging ministers of the Word with sound biblical resources.  This program reaches pastors from different Portuguese-speaking countries around the world, and seeks to provide them and their churches with tools for training and growth.  The AAP, through monthly donations of $35, sends each adopted pastor a book a month over the period of three years.  In countries where Fiel Ministries has an annual conference (Brazil, Guinea-Bissau, Portugal and Mozambique),  adopted pastors are allowed to attend at almost no cost.  The conferences provide much needed fellowship and spiritual edification through solid Bible preaching.



We live in a media driven society where much of our attention is drawn to the overwhelming needs of this world. We realize that personally, we cannot feed all the needy, or clothe all the homeless. However, through sound theological training, we teach pastors and leaders the role of the church so they can make a difference in their communities and countries. Thank you for taking a moment to consider how you might make a difference in the life of not only a pastor, but also his church and community.
~ James Richard Denham III 

Through donations of US$ 35/month (US$ 420/yearly), AAP provides the adopted pastor with ministerial help by:

   1. Sending him one book a month: Sponsors receive a yearly report with the names of the books sent to their pastor. Click on the Editora Fiel tab to the right for a sample of books being sent to pastors.

   2. Enabling him to attend FIEL’s annual conference for pastors and leaders

   Note: For a total donation of $50 a month (US$ 600 a year) you will enable your adopted pastor's wife to accompany him to the conference.

    *Sponsors are always welcome to attend the conference and meet their adopted pastor.
    *The AAP is committed to maintain a pastor in the project for a minimum of three years.
    *By sponsoring a pastor, you will be blessed by the fruit you will see in the life of the pastor, his family, and his flock.
    *Pastors are encouraged to send bi-monthly letters to their sponsors.

   Sponsors are more than welcome to correspond with their pastor. However, to protect the sponsor’s privacy and to allow Fiel to track the overall progress of the ministry, all correspondence should be channeled through Fiel’s office in Brazil. ([email protected])


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