Our Team

Board of Directors

Sillas Campos
President | [email protected]

Clodoaldo Machado
Vice-President | [email protected]

Márcio Hernrique Carvalho
Treasurer | [email protected]

Valdir Pereira dos Santos
Secretary | [email protected]

James Richard Denham III
Executive Director | [email protected]

Nícolas Ferri Félix
[email protected]


The Team

Tiago Santos
Chief Editor | [email protected]

Alexandre Oliveira
Executive Manager | [email protected]

Daniel Gardner
Community Manager | [email protected]

Mauri Alves
Sales Manager | [email protected]

Carlos Ely
Financial Manager | [email protected]

Renata Cavalcanti
Marketing Manager | [email protected]

Tiago Dias
Marketing Consultant | [email protected]

Online Store Manager | [email protected]

Renata Lemes
Receptionist | [email protected]com.br

Francisco Wellington
Translator | [email protected]

Laise Helena
FLC Pedagogical Consultant | [email protected]r

Larisse Vieira
FLC Assistant | [email protected]ministeriofirl.com.br

Gustavo Alves
Office Assistant | [email protected]


Guilherme M. Reiss
Social Network Analyst Assistant | [email protected]

Vanda Santos
Sales | [email protected]

Renata Gandolfo
Sales | [email protected]

Gisele Lemes
Logistics | [email protected]

Shipping | [email protected]

Kevin Millard
AAP Coordinator | [email protected]

Edneia Millard
AAP Coordinator | [email protected]

Marli Rocha
AAP Assistant | [email protected]

Alberto Felipe Rodrigues
Web Designer | [email protected]

Vinicius Musselman Pimentel
Online Editor | [email protected]

Diego Soares
Video Production Manager | [email protected]

Allan Santos
Video Production Assistant | [email protected]